Flexible Classroom Management Platform Made Easy

Technology-based learning in the classroom introduces many tempting digital distractions. Thanks to Faronics Insight, teachers can keep students engaged. Instead of spending time monitoring student activities, teachers can maintain classroom focus and promote collaborative learning. Faronics makes classroom management software for educational institutions of all sizes.

Teachers Console

Use the classroom monitoring feature to see what the students are doing with a single glance.

Show Teacher's Screen

Show the Teacher's screen and audio to all students in a classroom.

Show a Student's Screen

Show a particular Students screen to the entire class to showcase creative solution to a problem or just a pretty picture in a real-time basis.

View All Students

Get a real-time view of each student's screen at a single glance from the Teachers console to see what the students are doing.

Remote Control

Remote Control to help a student with a question, or to take control of the student's computer with keyboard and mouse.

Send Message

Communicate with a student using audio chat, listen to students and broadcast audio to all or selected students.

Blank Screen

Blank-out all student screens and disable student keyboards and mice to get the student's attention and conduct lectures without the distraction of students playing with their computers.

Assessment Mode

Allow Teachers to put Students into a secure, locked mode in order to take an assessment exam using the new Assessment Mode feature.


Easily create true or false, multiple choice, short answer and essay questions that can include graphics for electronically testing and grading.


Ask yes/no or multiple choice voting questions to get a quick pulse on whether or not students understand a concept.

Network Tampering

Prevent wireless tampering via SSID limitation in conjunction with the Network Tampering feature to ensure that the students connect only to the required school's wireless network when available.

Restrict Web

Block students from browsing to websites using IP addresses and optionally displays the list of approved websites to students.

Restrict Application

Easily specify what applications students can run on their computers.

Limit Printing

Temporarily disable all or selected student printers whether the printer is local, shared or a network printer.

Power Options

Easy to use power management tools to ensure machines are not left on at the end of the day.

Class List

Create a class list and automatically bring those students into an Insight classroom.

Co-browse and Run Program

Start lessons faster by instantly launching applications and websites on all student workstations at the same time.

Secure Mode

Integrate double layers of security with Active Directory and Password Protected Secure Mode to limit unauthorized access to the Teachers console.

Students Screen Snapshot

Take a snapshot of the students screen if you happen to catch them using their computer inappropriately.

Tech Console

Get more control with the new free Tech Console which includes many basic desktop management tools that help you stay on top of inventory, assets, software updates, security, and even control Faronics Deep Freeze.